Craigie Beach

Craigie Beach - Mt Martha

Craigie is a relatively isolated beach accessed by a steep path with stair sections starting from the cliff path close to Clarkes Avenue.  It’s difficult to work out where Craigie Beach ends and Hawker Beach starts in the south.  A long sea wall has been built along both beaches and only a small, largely eroded bluff and a slight curve in the wall marks the boundary.

The beach is quite narrow in front of the sea wall but at the northern end the sand broadens and becomes more suitable for beach activity.  Beyond the sea wall there is a small 120 metre crescent beach with a picturesque headland. It’s well covered with coarse sand but the onshore reefs make this part of the beach unsuitable for swimming.

This half moon could be a lovely little beach. Unfortunately because of the prevailing winds and wave action along the sea wall it attracts every bit of man made rubbish that our less caring brethren allow to fall off their pleasure craft. The day we were there it was very disappointing to see what should be a pristine high water mark littered with cans, bottles, old clothing, and other nameless detritus.

I know it’s easier to just throw your rubbish over the side but please take it home with you. Access to this beach is difficult down a long steep cliff path and you can't expect volunteers or even paid staff to clean up after you.