Fossil Beach

Fossil Beach - Mornington

Fossil Beach has a rocky shoreline in front of a sea wall along most of the beach which protects the unstable cliffs.  Access is via a wide track starting from the cliff path near Bentons Road.  There is a picnic area above the beach

This is a significant fossil site with evidence of Australia's sea life from 10 - 15 million years ago.  The fossils were discovered in 1854 when government geologist, A.R.C. Selwyn, reported on a fine collection of fossils in the limestone cliffs.  The site has since been depleted by enthusiastic fossil collectors and excursion groups.

In the 1860's the beach became the site of a short-lived attempt to extract cement from the limestone to supply Melbourne’s builders, and the ruins of the ill-fated Patent Septaria Co.'s works can still be found in the cliffs and dunes.  Among the ruins are two stone-walled kilns, a circular stone mill, several settling tanks and cisterns as well as a number of stone walls.  These are largely covered by overgrown vegetation.